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Most  nursing homes have recreation areas for residents.  These typically  include a TV and DVD player.  It is always nice for the residents to  have new movies to watch.  I know we have TONS of DVD's at home that we  don't watch anymore.  I also try to watch for good deals on movies  during Christmas sales!


Many  elderly people still like to write letters by hand (shocking I know,  LOL).  Donating pretty stationery, pens, envelopes and even stamps is a  great way to connect with the residents!

Stationery Items

A lot of residents like to work crossword puzzles and word finds.  These books are easy to find in stores and are a great donation item that many resident will enjoy.

Crossword Puzzle & Word Find Books

Books in large print are always a good idea for nursing homes.  Many residents love to read  and like to have a new selection of books to choose from.


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