Wooden Spool Ornament

This Wooden Spool Ornament is a fun and easy DIY and makes the cutest little vintage ornament for  your Christmas tree!  It is so fun to customize for your own preferences  too!  Homemade ornaments are the BEST!!

Wooden Spool  Vintage scrapbook paper Scissors Ribbon Therm O Web Super Tape Liquid Crafting Glue Scrapbooking Adhesive Glitter Glue Gun


How To

First  you need to pick out your wooden spool.  There are lots of different  sizes.  I picked mine based on the size of the vintage scene that I  wanted to put on the ornament.  If you don't have a wooden spool, you  can buy a bag of various sizes on Amazon for a good price!

How To

Now  you need to cut out a small section of vintage paper that will fit onto  the middle section of your spool.  I measured the diameter of my spool  and then cut my paper accordingly with my sharp craft scissors.

That  was all it took to make this adorable wooden spool ornament for the  tree!  I was thrilled with how it turned out! The hardest part was  picking out which cute vintage scene to use for the ornament!