To Give

Birthday Cash Gift

Fun Ways

Using A Tissue Box

Supplies Needed for How to Give Cash Gift Using a Tissue Box

Painter's Tape Cash Cardstock Scrapbooking Paper Adhesive Paper Trimmer Scissors

First you will need to take the tissues out of your tissue box. Next you need to cut your cardstock paper down so that you have a piece for each side of the box.  You will need 4 pieces that are the same size for the sides and then 2 pieces that are the same size for the top and bottom.

Next I decided to tape the money together.  You will take the bills end to end and then fold them up like an accordian…back and forth so that when they pull the money out it just flows out perfectly!

I took a small piece of cardstock and wrote PULL on it and taped it to the end of my first bill.  Then I put the money into the tissue box with the PULL tab sticking out the top.  I pulled the PULL tab through the slit in my last piece of cardstock.  Then I adhered the last piece of cardstock to the top.

To make sure that my PULL tab didn't fall back down into the box I decided to fold it on one side and put a tiny bit of adhesive so that it stayed in place until time to PULL!

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