Mini Meatloaf

in the Nuwave Oven

My favorite way to make meatloaf is to make mini meatloaf in the Nuwave Oven.   They cook quickly and are just delicious!  The Nuwave Oven doesn't  heat up the whole kitchen and gives the mini meatloaf a nice crunchy  top!

About This Recipe

These Mini Meatloaves are delicious and quick to make!  If you make them  in the Nuwave Oven it will be quick and won't heat your kitchen up!

Ingredients ground beef egg crushed croutons  onion powder 1/2 teaspoon pepper salt evaporated milk BBQ sauce

First  put all your ingredients into your stand mixer bowl and use your dough  hook to mix the ingredients. Form  small loaves with the meat mixture using your hands.  Place the loaves  onto the Nuwave Oven rack.  If desired you can put a small amount of BBQ  sauce on top of each mini meatloaf and spread around with a knife.


Cook  times will vary a little based on how thick/large you make each mini  meatloaf.  I cooked mine about 7 minutes and then flipped them over and  cooked another 7 minutes.  When you think they are done you might want  to cut one open to make sure it is cooked well inside!  You can always  add a minute or two at a time until done.


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