Weight Watchers

Banana Bread

There is a way for people trying to lose weight to still get to eat banana bread! This Weight Watchers Banana Bread is so good you won't miss those extra calories!

whole wheat flour old fashioned oats baking powder ground cinnamon salt ripe bananas unsweetened applesauce brown sugar eggs vanilla extract mini chocolate chip


How to Make

Start by putting all of your dry ingredients into a bowl. Using a mixer, mix the dry ingredients so they are well combined. Next put your wet ingredients into a mixing bowl and mix until smooth. It is time to pour the wet mixture into the dry ingredients. 

How to Make

Fold the wet mixture into the dry ingredients until just combined. Don't over stir this! Grab your 4 mini loaf pans sized 5 x 3 and grease them. I like to use nonstick cooking spray. If you use butter you will need to add those points!

You can eat 1/2 of a mini loaf for only 3 myWW Points on Blue and Green plans. The purple plan is only 2 myWW Points for 1/2 a loaf!

How Many Points Does This Banana Bread Have?

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