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DIY Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Easy DIY Thanksgiving Centerpiece

This easy DIY Thanksgiving Centerpiece will only take about 20 minutes to make and your table will look beautiful for your guests.

Course Craft Project, DIY
Keyword centerpiece, craft project, DIY, Thanksgiving
Cook Time 20 minutes
Total Time 20 minutes
Servings 1 centerpiece
Author Jamie


  • 1 Metal Galvanized Tray 22-24 inches long
  • 1 Gray Cement Pumpkin
  • 3 votive candles
  • 1 bag Fall Themed Potpourri with small pumpkins, pinecones, etc
  • 3 Glass Jar Candle Jars
  • burlap leaves
  • Fall themed metal sign
  • Fall floral stems
  • Spanish moss
  • black rocks
  • raffia


  1. Gather materials and remove any tags or stickers from the items.

    supplies needed for a Thanksgiving centerpiece
  2. Spread Spanish moss into the bottom of the tray. •

    adding Spanish moss to a Thanksgiving centerpiece
  3. Place a handful of black rocks into the bottom of the candle jars and add the votive candle on top.

    jar with black rocks inside
  4. Center the candles in the tray or spread them out.

    adding glass jar to a Thanksgiving centerpiece
  5. Add the dried potpourri to the bottom of the tray and spread it around.

    fall florals in a tray
  6. Cut florals down to size and tuck them into various areas around the tray. Add the ceramic pumpkin to one end of the tray.

    fall floral stems
  7. Cut a bunch of raffia to 6” in length. Fold over and tie with string or pipe cleaner near the bottom. Trim the tops of the raffia so they resemble corn stalks or straw.

  8. Add your fall-themed sign behind the candles.

    DIY Thanksgiving Centerpiece