Weight Watchers



These are a delicious solution for when you get a chocolate cake craving.  These Weight Watchers Chocolate Cupcakes are only 4 myWW Points each!

Betty Crocker Devil's Food Cake Mix can of pumpkin water powdered sugar (optional)


How to Make

Start by putting all of your dry ingredients into a bowl. Using a mixer, mix the dry ingredients so they are well combined. Next put your wet ingredients into a mixing bowl and mix until smooth. It is time to pour the wet mixture into the dry ingredients.

How to Make

My KitchenAid mixed this up in no time! Spoon mixture into regular sized cupcake pan that has been sprayed with nonstick cooking spray or has cupcake liners. You can also use an amazing silicone cupcake baking pan for sweet results!

What is better than a recipe that only calls for 3 ingredients?  Practically nothing, right?  Except maybe a recipe that only has 2 ingredients. I love low ingredient recipes because they are saving me time and money.