2 Ingredient

Weight Watcher Jalapeno Bagels

I wanted to create a spicy version of a newly loved Weight Watchers recipe for my readers!!  These Weight Watchers 2 Ingredient Bagels with Jalapenos are a WINNER WINNER chicken dinner for me. I LOVE them!!

Self rising flour Greek yogurt Diced jalapenos Egg wash optional Cheddar cheese optional


How to Make 2 Ingredient Bagels

Preheat your oven to 375 degrees F. I stirred the self-rising flour and the nonfat Greek yogurt in a bowl to mix it together. Next it is time to flour the cutting board. I put the mixture onto the cutting board and kneaded it. 

How to Make 2 Ingredient Bagels

Once I had the dough mixed well I put it back in the bowl and added my jalapenos. I just used a jar of already diced jalapenos. Three tablespoons of jalapenos was perfect for me. I added the peppers to my dough and stirred it to disperse the peppers into the dough

I tore the dough into 6 piles that looked about the same size. Then using my hands I rolled each pile into a log. 

I sprayed a baking stone with nonstick cooking spray and then just made a circle with my dough logs.